Here are our skating programs available in detail. Navigate the list by clicking on the links provided on the right or by scrolling down this page.  
Private Group Ladies Corp / S.E
R,S,S! SME1 SME2 Gallery 8
Personal lessons that allow you to learn skating at your own pace and skill preference.

Fee: Please call/email us to arrange tailored classes
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- Start a class in your neighbourhood
- Get in an hour/week having fun and working out
- Have your child to socialize and learn with other students

Fee: $80/person for every 4 lessons
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Ladies, you can't have a package better than this!
- Female instructor to understand and teach you
- Emphasis on safety and sweating it out
- Class is at a slower, safer and more manageable pace

Fee: $98/person for every 4 lessons
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We also provide for the following fun events!
- Schools
- Company bonding
- Birthdays Gatherings

Fee: Dependant on duration/pax
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  • All skates and gears are provided FOC for lessons that are stated above.
  • Students who learn up to level 4 will go through a proficiency test and receive a certificate of completion upon passing.
  • A certificate of attendance will be given to all participants of school and corporate lessons.
An exciting programme that will make them ask for more!

Basic safety principles, forward movement and the very important how-to-stop methods are introduced to get our students up and rolling. This programme is a hit with schools looking to introduce the sport to first timers and beginner skaters. Inline Fusion ensures that the students get a grasp of the basic skills and instill a lasting impression of the sport by having games and contests that utilizes the skills they learnt.
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A step by step programme that make anyones attempt at skating an almost instant success!

This first 4 lessons inculcate the basic safety principles, forward movement, how to stop, how to turn on the spot and during movement. Sufficient time will be catered to ensure that the students are confident and ready before proceeding to take on next 4 lessons of intermediate skills. We focus not only on teaching the children how to skate but also to have a great time on their skates thus enhancing confidence, sociability, and tons of fun!
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Advanced forward movement, turning and stopping methods are learnt in the first 4 lessons while different styles of backward movement and simple tricks make up the last 4 lessons.

The programme targets on increasing maneuverability and reaction time of skaters through advanced skills. We want our skaters to be able to execute skills confidently when needed during their own skating!
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