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"The first time I met Coach Angie and Coach Jason was about 2 years ago.  They were conducting a rollerblade lesson while I was on my way to my ballet class.  My father asked if I would like to try out rollerblade. “No!” was the firm answer from me.  I mean who would want to put his or her life on eights small wheels.

Then I began to notice that everyone taking the lesson had so much fun that I thought I should give it a try.  Since then I have never looked back.  Coach Jason’s step-by-step instruction makes it so easy to pick up all the skills and Coach Angie’s patience and sharp eyes ensure that we have all the blading postures.

Each week I really look forward to the lesson.  I made a lot of new friends during the lessons.
A lot of my friends also join the class after me.  Even the adults are joining in the lessons.  And you know what? My father is in the class too!"
"I knew how to roller skate when I was 7 or 8 years old.  I ice-skated when I was about 20 and I must have roller-bladed dozens of times before I met Jason and Angie of Inline Fusion.  So why do have to take up classes with them?

Well, there are 2 skills that I most wanted to learn and somehow I was unable to get a grip on: T-stop and backward skating.

So, I approached Angie and Jason to get started what I believe was Inline Fusion’s first adult group.  It comprised of parents who would have been sitting around watching their children skating had they not joined the class.

The systematic methodology which Jason and Angie adopt breaks each skill down to small manageable parts.  This really helps to pick up the skills and mitigate bad habits.

Now that I have conquered the 2 skills, my next aspiration is to skate as gracefully as Jason (especially skating backward!). Does Inline Fusion has a  'Skate Like Jason Course'?"
"The instructors from Inline Fusion were very professional and had good management skills, most importantly, they had good rapport with the pupils and they were able to capture the pupils' interest in inline skating. The lessons were very structured and throughout the sessions, the instructors grouped the pupils based on their skill level eg. Beginners & Intermediate and they had differentiated activities; as such the pupils were challenged able to experience success.

I had a pleasant experience working with Inline Fusion and would strongly recommend their service to other schools."

Josephine Tan
Canossa Convent Pri Sch
Harveen Narulla
"Jason and Angie have done wonders with my child. I was impressed with how mindful they were about safety and how they taught all the children in their classes about safety precautions to take when learning how to inline skate. They also have special ability to connect with young children, which is rare. My daughter really looks forward to their classes every week.

My daughter's physical strength and stamina also improved tremendously under their care. A niece of mine has special needs and we were all delighted by how they managed to connect with her and engage her in their lessons. Her physical coordination improved with their lessons. I highly recommend their services. Of course, it is a plus that they are willing to travel to where we are to hold their lessons.

Thank you, Inline Fusion!!!"

Harveen Narulla
Tips - And here are some helpful tips from the Inline Fusion Team!
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Your skates should not slow you down! Check out our maintenance tutorial to get the most out of your skates lifespan!
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